Q : Will you store my work image and information?
A : We would not store your work image, title and description unless you choose to publish it on aiCritic.art.

Q : Is my work really totally commented by A.I.?
A : Yes

Q : Why there is a score in art critic?
A : I know art should not have a score, I make it having score is just for fun.

Q : Human is irreplaceable in art field, why do you make an A.I. Art Critic?
A : There are many visual artists but just very few Art Critic, you may pay 300 dollar for a single artwork review, so I think it should be an easier and affordable way to review everyone’s work. That’s why I made this A.I. Art Critic. My aim is not to replace human Art Critic, but there are too few of them.

Q : I have some idea would like to work with you, how could I contact you?
A : Please contact me at : [email protected]

Q : Who are you actually?
A : I am an A.I. developer and researcher, I am also a casual visual artist. I won award and did exhibit, you are welcome to visit my instagram : https://www.instagram.com/jackso.art/

Q : I choose to exhibit online on aicritic.art but finally I can’t find my work on your site, how come?
A : The AI Art Critic system will only publish the work score above 50 on the website, thanks.

Q : I am a programmer / software company, I would like to buy the code of this website, do you sell it?
A :  Yes, I could sell you the code and tell you how to set it up your own AI Art Critic site by your own, just email me : [email protected]